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Information Management

Specialist Bespoke Software & Integration

Over the past 10 years, Imagetek has supplied Information Management solutions based on our bespoke software, often integrated with existing systems, to many different organisations. Below are some examples:


Integrated management of multi-source Quality Control documents and files.

Tight integration of PCs with Production Line computers for flexible high-level control and data capture.

Real-time graphical reporting and display of Production targets and yield.


Imagetek has designed, supplied and maintained bespoke software for a substantial number of users in a networked environment for one of the largest legal practices in the UK. Products include:

Claims Manager systems

Case Management system

Insurance Claims Manager with internet access

Professional Indemnity system

Health Claims Management system

MEDICAL (NHS software solutions)

Ultrasonic Scanning




MORIS - Modern Records Information System. A powerful database and reporting system with intranet-based search and order facility.

Addition of database capability to internet websites.

Image-enabling of existing database applications.

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