Document Imaging Services

Corporate Scanning Services


Imagetek can now offer clients wishing to convert their traditional microfilm archives (or selected parts thereof) into "live", importable, digitised images a total conversion service for all microfilm formats. These include:

16 and 35mm roll microfilm

16mm Cartridges

Microfilm jackets containing 16mm film, 35mm film or a combination of these

35mm aperture cards

Microfiche (either computer-produced COM fiche or output from "step-and-repeat" fiche cameras)

  • Although this service is based at Honiton, it could be undertaken on clients' premises, if required.

    For optimum image quality and consistency, we use Minolta MS7000 Scanners with UK-designed Locator Professional software. This enables us to provide top quality images in easily-retrievable database formats to suit specific client requirements.


    Hire one of our fantastic TOTEM display units to set you apart from the crowd.

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