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In recent years there has been a very substantial shift to digital storage formats for large plans, engineering drawings, building layouts etc. However there is still the continuing requirement to accommodate prints of such documents (up to A0 size or even larger) for many office filing systems. These large plans take up a lot of space, and are usually filed separately, but manually-amended prints of such documents are often incorporated in Engineering Project files, for example. This makes these files cumbersome, awkward to access and very prone to physical deterioration.

Imagetek Systems can accommodate any flat or individually rolled plans up to A0 size and longer in black/white, greyscale or colour on our in-house Colortrac 3640 Scanner . Digital images are output, either in master (uncompressed) TIFF format, or in compressed format (e.g. JPEG) for easy viewing/transmission, to any preferred media.

  • Many drawing/plan archives are also stored on various 35mm microfilm formats which are both cumbersome to use, and restricted to single-user access on dedicated retrieval equipment. The usefulness of these archives is greatly enhanced by scanning the microfilm to digital format. This conversion not only allows multi-user access over existing computer networks, but often permits digital image enhancement over the quality of the microfilm "original".


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