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The Importance of I.M. Systems

In a world where rapid access to accurate information is paramount, corporate commitment to the correct IM system for any organisation is critical.

At Imagetek, this recognition has been a cornerstone of our approach in assisting clients - initially with solutions to perceived Document Management problems, but often leading to Information Management on a wider front. For most organisations, the majority of information generated daily is now in digital format (e.g. word-processed correspondence; e-mails; CAD/CAM drawings; photographs etc). However paper-based information flow (especially from external sources) is still very much in evidence, and is likely remain so for some time. Many larger organisations also have substantial archives on microfilm.


We appreciate that many of our clients already have committed to some overall IM strategy, so while our initial involvement is often to reduce the volume of paperwork used/filed within the organisation, it often extends to optimisation of the overall flow of information irrespective of storage media or location.

Imagetek offers a wide range of options from implementation - and potential integration - of branded third party software through to our own bespoke software solutions specifically designed to merge into a user's existing environment. For example, our networked Modern Records software at Bristol Record Office was designed around the precise operational requirements of the Modern Records unit whilst allowing for easy incorporation of additional features and functionality as needed.

Effective solutions for Information Management from Imagetek can start with provision of simple scanning services permitting off-site local archiving of records held in other formats (e.g. paper; microfilm) to CDs/DVDs. These low-cost easy-access media with embedded searchable databases can offer an effective IM solution at departmental level without impacting on corporate network or major systems strategy. For larger organisations, or more complex applications, an integrated IM facility may be needed whereby searches can be executed to reference different document/record types held in varying formats in separate locations, and the results delivered rapidly and accurately at the user's work-desk.

To assist potential clients in identifying and implementing the optimum solution for their specific needs and requirements, Imagetek offers an initial consultancy visit and scan test without charge or obligation. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you.


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