Document Imaging Services

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Document Data Capture

The following are some examples of document data capture software developed by Imagetek over the last few years:

Broker - a system providing high-level control over bulk Optical Character Recognition (OCR) operations.

PCat -- an analysis and editing tool which operates on OCR'd or Word Processed Catalogues or similar lists. It helps users to edit and restructure catalogue text into a form where data can be automatically extracted for bulk export to a database.

Compared to in-house re-keying , workload is greatly reduced; compared to bureau re-keying , PCat offers flexibility and user control and removes the need for initial mark-up of documents. It can also export to archival databases (e.g. CALM).

Keyscribe - a system allowing scanned documents to be distributed to volunteers for transcribing of content, with provision for cross-checking of results and formatting for database import with links to original document images.


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